Sales & Service

At Porta-Flex Mfg. we offer the industry's best quality products and services. Our well trained and highly knowledgeable sales department can quickly and accurately provide our customers with the best suitable solution to any elevator and escalator component need.

At Porta-Flex Mfg. we believe that the complete service package is to offer quick response with professional technicians, giving a service that our customers can rely upon.

Rollers and Guides

Porta-Flex Mfg. offers a full range of rollers and guides to the elevator and escalator industry. Using original manufacturer specification and new technology, we have blended a special polyurethane with high abrasive resistance characteristics and superior bonding strength for a longer lasting product. Also available in multiple durometer settings for custom applications.

Handrail Services

Porta-Flex Mfg. specializes in manufacturing standard and special order handrails. We have formulated a blended synthetic rubber for superior colour enhancement and longer lasting handrail.

On-site Splicing and Repair

We have highly trained technicians available to deliver on-site splicing or repair services to our customers across North America. Our technicians are able to assist with abnormal applications and offer solutions to most problems. Porta-Flex Mfg. has a reputation of quick and reliable workmanship keeping our customer's interests first.

Emergency Delivery

Porta-Flex Mfg. offers to the industry a service that is utilized in emergency handrail replacement situations. Guaranteeing the quickest possible manufacturing period of a handrail and utilizing all available delivery options, we can fulfill all of your handrail needs.

Comb Plates

Using high grade plastic polymers and treated aluminum alloys we manufacture comb plates that meet or exceed all original manufacturer specifications.